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Things not to say to LD people (or their parents)

1. You can’t be LD, you’re so bright! Ummm, you can be smart and LD, average intelligence and LD, or less than average intelligence and LD. Just like you can be tall and fat, tall and thin, or tall and average weight. LD means that you have a pronounced deficit in some area of learning. […]

What is nonverbal learning disability?

So, what is NLD? How can a person be learning disabled (LD) and yet be good at reading and at math? Are labels like NLD useful, harmful, or both? What’s it like being weird? What is NLD? NLD is a neurological impairment that affects people’s abilities with many areas, typically ones that are not related […]

What it is like to be learning disabled

It isn’t pleasant. Suppose you’re required, for some reason, to go to some auditorium. The seats are banked, and dark, and there’s a spotlight on the stage. As you enter and find a seat, a man enters the stage. Silence falls over the auditorium. All of a sudden, the man yells and points. Right at […]

Learning disabilities as a mountain

I view nonverbal learning disability (NLD) (or any disability) as a mountain between where we are and where we want to be. Some mountains are small, some are huge; some feature gentle slopes, others have vertical cliffs. In any case, there are four things you can do when confronted with a mountain in your path. […]