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Accommodations for LD

If you read about learning disabilities, you will quickly come across the topic of accommodations. There are accommodations at school and at work, at home and at play. Although I haven’t done a study, I am willing to wager that the most common accommodation at school is extra time. This is due to the fact […]

Pushing our limits and accepting them

All human beings have limits. Learning disabled people may have more severe limits than others. And I am pretty sure that we get told, more often than others, to push our limits. In addition, parents of LD kids get told to push their kids’ limits. Sometimes this is good advice. Sometimes it isn’t.

What if people came with emoticons?

The internet is great for people like me who have nonverbal learning disabilities. No faces to read, no tones of voice to interpret …. it’s all text. Well ALMOST all. Sometimes people use emoticons, also known as smileys. You know, like 🙂 or 🙁 for smiling and frowning. Wikpedia has a list of emoticons and […]

Box? What box? I don’t see any box!

Some people think inside the box. They think within rules and parameters set forth by whatever authority exists. Some people think outside the box. They ignore these rules and parameters, and do their own thing. And then some of us don’t see a box. I was in law school for one semester. It didn’t go […]