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Celebrating our differences means honoring our disabilities

I’m sorry.  You’re disabled, or your child is.  Or grandchild.  Or student.  I’m disabled too.  It sucks. On the other hand, being me isn’t so bad.  And being different from other people, per se, is not so bad either.  The world wouldn’t be very interesting if we were all the same, so it’s a good […]

Most people are like Kansas, LD people are like Switzerland: Some thoughts on intelligence, tests and LD people

I am learning disabled.  I also have a PhD in psychometrics.  Psychometrics is the study of psychological measurement, including measurement of intelligence.  So, I have thoughts on this from two angles.  I’ll organize these in a list.

Language is not just about speech

My friend Varda (SquashedMom) posted about language and speech and it got me thinking about language from the NLD (nonverbal learning disability) angle. Language has a lot more in it than speech – there’s a whole lot of nonverbal stuff that goes into it. And, since I have nonverbal LD, I am sensitive to that.

Strangers in our own land

Have you ever been a tourist in a foreign country? One where they don’t speak English and where you don’t speak the native language? Did you feel a little stress?