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What doesn’t kill us ….

Friedrich Nietzsche famously said What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. What a crock! What doesn’t kill us leaves us wounded, maimed and scarred. We know, we victims. We know that abuse (whether verbal, sexual, physical or whatever; whether by parents or peers or strangers) leaves scars.  Those wounds never heal completely. Some victims cope […]

Learning disabled person? Person with learning disabilities? LDer? What?

There are some people in the learning disability community (often the ones who insist on calling it a learning difference) who dislike the term “learning disabled person” and prefer “person with learning disability”.  They often also object to describing a person as “learning disabled”.  As you can tell from my site’s name, I am not […]

Diagnosis – the first thing to do is …..

You’ve had a baby!  Congratulations! Now all the questions that were about the mom-to-be will be about the baby and you and your spouse/partner/whoever will be roundly ignored. And there he or she is: Something like 5 or 10 pounds and a size to fit on your forearm (unless, of course, the baby is NOT […]

When should I leave? (Adventures in NLD land)

Not only do I have troubles with space, I have troubles with time, as well. What’s “Troubles with Time”? I have no problems telling time. As far as I know, I learned to read a clock at a roughly normal age.  But I have trouble knowing when things happened and I have trouble knowing how […]