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5 ways normal is boring

Although I have given a mathematical proof that no one is normal, it is nevertheless the case that people use the word. And, as I note in that article, it is possible to be normal on one or two dimensions. So, compared to NVLD people like me, i guess some people are normal, in some […]

Online resources for nonverbal learning disability

There are some good resources for people with NVLD. Not as many as for other LD, but there are some. In this post, I list online resources. If you know of ones I’ve missed, please let me know in a comment. I don’t include more general LD sites, although some of them do have some […]

Cities and NLD – I love NY!

Recently,  I read Stranger in a Strange Land in which Paul, a man with Asperger’s syndrome visits a big city (London) and finds it rather overwhelming. I live in another big city (New York) and I find it almost ideal for my disability. Why this difference? Partly, of course, it’s what each of us is […]