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Wow, what a title!  There are many ways to communicate.  One way of categorizing them is as synchronous or asynchronous. In synchronous communication, interaction is immediate.  I talk, you talk, I talk etc.  This includes regular face to face communication and phone calls it also includes Skype. In asynchronous communication, this immediacy is not there.  […]

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When I embarked on the journey of searching for colleges and programs such as a retail and hospitality education program, my excitement was tinged with a hint of apprehension. As someone with learning differences, I knew that finding the right fit was not just about location or reputation; it was about ensuring that my unique […]

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Next week I will be giving a talk at the LDA conference in Orlando.  For those who can’t make it, here is the outline:

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Whether you or your child has AS or NLD, you are probably concerned about employment and career. Parents, even of young children with LD, express concern about what the child will “do” as an adult.

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Many LD people have trouble with the sequencing of tasks. One sort of problem is simply remembering what order to do the things we do every day.  Some people suggest putting up signs that say things like: Brush teeth, take shower, dry off, get dressed, pack bookbag …. and so on. If that works for […]

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The best known learning disability is almost certainly dyslexia. Many have heard of dyscalculia as well (although it did get a red squiggle indicating a misspelling). There’s the LD I have – nonverbal LD – which is even less known.  And there are LDs like dyspraxia. But what about LDs we haven’t discovered yet?

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People with nonverbal learning disabilities often have problems where it is hard to identify the real cause. When the person is a child, it may be even harder for parents or teachers to identify the real stressor.  NVLDers often don’t know what they have done wrong or what is causing them problems.  This is because […]

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Why do kids behave “badly”? (Here, “badly” could mean almost any behavior that most adults find objectionable). Of course, there are multiple reasons. Sometimes they are doing what their peers do – but they have some choice in who their peers are. Other times they are reacting to stress. Nearly all people, kids or adults, […]

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I’ve been called lazy a whole lot in my life, almost always by teachers who had no clue.  Sometimes they used the euphemism “does not apply himself”. The best teacher who ever taught me, on the other hand, said I tried harder than almost anyone. But “lazy” is a four letter word. It should never […]

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When your child comes home from school he may be exhausted. Even if it was just an ordinary day. Even if other kids come home raring to go. Even if she doesn’t appear exhausted. He may be right at the edge of a meltdown. Why? Because all day long he has been stressed. Stressed by […]