Autism – It’s not a spectrum, it’s a ballpark

What is the “autism spectrum”? Lately you hear a lot about the autism spectrum. People say things like “he’s not autistic but he’s on the spectrum”. Just what is the autism spectrum?

Nonverbal learning disability: Ten things we wish our teachers knew

For a teacher, a child with nonverbal learning disability can be a puzzle. I am sure I was a puzzle to my teachers!  Here are some things I wish they had known: 1. Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean I’m not abled.  There are things I can do badly, there are things I can do […]

Nature nurture nonsense

The question “Is it nature or nurture?”, sometimes called nature vs. nurture, or genes vs. environment is meaningless Take a human trait. Almost any human trait. Some of that trait is almost certainly caused by nature – by one’s genes. Some of that trait is almost certainly caused by nurture – by one’s environment. Nature […]

5 ways normal is boring

Although I have given a mathematical proof that no one is normal, it is nevertheless the case that people use the word. And, as I note in that article, it is possible to be normal on one or two dimensions. So, compared to NVLD people like me, i guess some people are normal, in some […]

Treating NLD people with dignity

All people, whatever their abilities or disabilities, deserve to be treated with dignity. The free online dictionary defines dignity thus: The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect. What does this mean when dealing with people who are learning disabled and, more specifically, when dealing with people who have NLD? To me, […]

“In the kingdom of the blind….” thoughts on impairment and disability

I have read that some people make a useful distinction between impairment and disability.  Impairment is about actual neurology, biology, physiology and so on. Disability is about the effects of that impairment on life in the world. There is an old saying that “in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king”. It […]

Competence should bring confidence – how can we make it more likely to do so?

If the world were logical, competence would bring confidence. You ought to be more confident about things you are good at than things you are bad at. In many cases it does work that way. Sometimes, it does not. In my case, particularly in my childhood, it did not. If we are lucky, some of […]

Making the bed: Every day is a new adventure (adventures in NLD land)

I got the idea for this post from Rick LaVoie’s book It’s so much work to be your friend. A lot of people make their bed every morning. Maybe you’re one of them. And, if you’re NT, it’s probably pretty simple. You probably do it the same way, each time. There’s some set of steps […]

Learning disabled person? Person with learning disabilities? LDer? What?

There are some people in the learning disability community (often the ones who insist on calling it a learning difference) who dislike the term “learning disabled person” and prefer “person with learning disability”.  They often also object to describing a person as “learning disabled”.  As you can tell from my site’s name, I am not […]

Diagnosis – the first thing to do is …..

You’ve had a baby!  Congratulations! Now all the questions that were about the mom-to-be will be about the baby and you and your spouse/partner/whoever will be roundly ignored. And there he or she is: Something like 5 or 10 pounds and a size to fit on your forearm (unless, of course, the baby is NOT […]