We aren’t acronyms, we’re people

When you journey around the ballpark of learning disabilities, you run into lots of acronyms. LD, NLD, ASD, PDD, NOS, SPD. At this point, I say WTF? and try to remember something. We aren’t acronyms. We’re people. All those NT (that’s NeuroTypical! The acronym for people who think they don’t need one) people sometimes miss […]

What if people came with emoticons?

The internet is great for people like me who have nonverbal learning disabilities. No faces to read, no tones of voice to interpret …. it’s all text. Well ALMOST all. Sometimes people use emoticons, also known as smileys. You know, like 🙂 or 🙁 for smiling and frowning. Wikpedia has a list of emoticons and […]


So, a couple weeks ago I went to a friend’s house for dinner. I’ve been there many times before – dozens of times, I think. I got lost. Again.

Getting organized when you are learning disabled

An alternate title for this piece might be “Getting minimally organized to avoid total chaos”. I am disorganized. I am disorganized in two ways: I am disorganized in space, and I am disorganized in time.

How I got here

In a comment on my post “Things not to say….” , Michelle asked So really how did you get from not having any friends or dates to having a wife and 2 kids ? Well, the short answer is …. “my peers grew up and so did I (a little)”. But a longer answer is […]