Long term memory – Episodic, semantic and implicit

There are different ways to divide up  the idea of memory.  One method is to divide it into implicit and explicit memory, and to further divide explicit memory into episodic and semantic memory.  My memory varies a lot, over these three types.  I think this is probably a part of NLD.Implicit memory is stuff that we acquire without conscious thought. How to tie our shoes or drive a car, for instance.

Explicit memory is, as I noted, divided into episodic memory and semantic memory.  Episodic memory is autobiographical – memories of what things we did, who we did them with, how old we were when we did them and so on.

Semantic memory is memory for facts, words and so on.

My implicit memory is well below average, my episodic memory is very very low but my semantic memory is very good.

I wonder if this is similar for others with NLD; let me know in the comments.

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