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Holidays can be a lot of fun but they can also be stressful even for the most neurotypical (NT) people. Routines are altered. Often, we are visiting family or friends or they are visiting us. Many meals are different than usual. Schools are closed. People have days off. Things are different just like the strongest […]

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When trying to find a good school for a child with learning disabilities (particularly NVLD), one decision is mainstream vs. special education. I talked about that in an earlier post: Drowning in the Mainstream. But another decision, particularly if you decide against special education, is the size of the school. Clearly, schools vary in size […]

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For a teacher, a child with nonverbal learning disability can be a puzzle. I am sure I was a puzzle to my teachers!  Here are some things I wish they had known: 1. Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean I’m not abled.  There are things I can do badly, there are things I can do […]

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When a person with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD or NVLD) interacts with an NT (neurotypical person) things can go wrong. No list can prevent all the ways it can go wrong, but here are some mistakes NT people make when interacting with us:

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All people, whatever their abilities or disabilities, deserve to be treated with dignity. The free online dictionary defines dignity thus: The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect. What does this mean when dealing with people who are learning disabled and, more specifically, when dealing with people who have NLD? To me, […]

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I got the idea for this post from Rick LaVoie’s book It’s so much work to be your friend. A lot of people make their bed every morning. Maybe you’re one of them. And, if you’re NT, it’s probably pretty simple. You probably do it the same way, each time. There’s some set of steps […]

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Not only do I have troubles with space, I have troubles with time, as well. What’s “Troubles with Time”? I have no problems telling time. As far as I know, I learned to read a clock at a roughly normal age.  But I have trouble knowing when things happened and I have trouble knowing how […]