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Not only do I have troubles with space, I have troubles with time, as well. What’s “Troubles with Time”? I have no problems telling time. As far as I know, I learned to read a clock at a roughly normal age.  But I have trouble knowing when things happened and I have trouble knowing how […]

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Way back when I was  10 or so, I took a bunch of psychological tests. One of them was an IQ test – the WISC. These scales certainly have their issues, but they can provide useful information when used properly  by experts. One such piece of information is the pattern of subtest scores. Mine was […]

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Disability? Disorder? Difference? Yes, disorder (or disability) implies something is wrong. And, at least for me, something IS wrong. To deny it (as people did a LOT during my childhood, and still do somewhat today) is kind of insulting in a weird way, because it says that the things I have a lot of difficulty […]

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So, a lot of people with LD or autism or Asperger’s or whatnot are anxious. Some are so anxious it’s a disorder. Maybe we’re born with it. Maybe it’s given to us. Because, for many people with LD or autism or Asperger’s or whatnot, the world keeps tossing us the unexpected. Praise for what’s easy. […]