Thinking fast, thinking slow, thinking NLD

I am reading the wonderful book Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow by Daniel Kahnemann. I can’t summarize the whole book here (it’s worth reading) but Kahnemann posits that there are two systems of thought: One system is intuitive, automatic and fast, but prone to error. The other is logical, requires effort and slow (but less prone […]

Where does the sun rise? (Adventures in NLD land)

Way back when I was  10 or so, I took a bunch of psychological tests. One of them was an IQ test – the WISC. These scales certainly have their issues, but they can provide useful information when used properly  by experts. One such piece of information is the pattern of subtest scores. Mine was […]

The Mountain of Academics when You Have Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

In this article I introduce the analogy of learning disabilities (or any disability) as a mountain between where you are and where you want to go. In the current article, I discuss academic problems for people with NLD. The mountain of academic problems with nonverbal learning disabilities Many people with nonverbal learning disabilities have few […]

Three aspects of IQ scores

There is a lot of debate about IQ scores and intelligence and whether the former measures the latter.  There’s also a lot of debate about what intelligence is.  Of course, if we don’t know what intelligence is, we can’t really tell if IQ scores measure it.  But one problem with IQ scores is that they […]

Most people are like Kansas, LD people are like Switzerland: Some thoughts on intelligence, tests and LD people

I am learning disabled.  I also have a PhD in psychometrics.  Psychometrics is the study of psychological measurement, including measurement of intelligence.  So, I have thoughts on this from two angles.  I’ll organize these in a list.