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Holidays can be a lot of fun but they can also be stressful even for the most neurotypical (NT) people. Routines are altered. Often, we are visiting family or friends or they are visiting us. Many meals are different than usual. Schools are closed. People have days off. Things are different just like the strongest […]

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This is something I wrote in a writing class.   No one showed you how to do lots of things you can do.  You got shown how to add and multiply and (probably) got shown how to read and write. You got shown how to play any instruments or sports you play. But no one […]

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There are different ways to divide up  the idea of memory.  One method is to divide it into implicit and explicit memory, and to further divide explicit memory into episodic and semantic memory.  My memory varies a lot, over these three types.  I think this is probably a part of NLD.

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August. Time to start thinking about going back to school. I went back to school many times: preschool, kindergarten, 1st through 11th grade (I skipped 12th), 4 years of college, 2 years on my master’s and 3 years of classes on my PhD (when I was working on the dissertation there was no summer break). […]

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.:I recently read a question about the differences between the WISC and the WIAT and why a child might do better on one than the other – particularly why better on the WIAT. So, I decided to write a post.

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Question: How do I nicely ask a mate with learning disabilities to not shout at me? My answer: Well,it depends on what the LD is and why they are shouting. In most cases, you can tell the person the same way you would tell a mate who is not LD not to shout: Please don’t […]

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Well, for most kids, school is out.  What to do? Children with nonverbal learning disabilities may want to have summers that are less structured than the typical child and they may resist your imposing structure on them.  But, for some, the lack of structure may be disruptive. Only you can tell about your child, but […]

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Question; How can an adult get over a learning disability? My answer: I don’t think you overcome learning disabilities, but you can learn ways to get around them or avoid them – sometimes. And sometimes, they remain a problem. I’m still LD. I still overestimate time; I get lost everywhere; I don’t read faces; I […]

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Question: What accommodations are helpful for those with learning disabilities at work? My answer: It depends on the learning disability. But some general points: At work (unlike school) I don’t think the LD person should ask for (much less demand) accommodations. Rather, the LD person should offer them. This is somewhat a question of attitude. […]

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Question: What are some strategies that have been helpful for people with nonverbal learning disorders? My answer: There hasn’t been a lot of research on it, but my own findings (based just on what I’ve heard and read, not scientific really) are that we like words. Tell us things. In words. Pretend we’re blind. Pretend […]

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Question: What’s a good gentle way of telling a sensitive seven year old boy that he’s going to be tested for learning disabilities? My answer: He is probably well-aware that something is not typical about him. I’d say the thing to do is to use that knowledge to inform him of why he’s going to […]


Question: How does nonverbal learning disability differ from other disabilities? My answer: In what we are disabled about. The differences with physical disabilities are pretty clear, so I won’t go into them. Perhaps the condition we are closest to (whether you regard it as a disability or not) is autism or the autism ballpark. But […]

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Question: Is it wrong to accept that due to your disability, another person will be superior? My answer: “Superior” is much too broad a term. Some people are better than I am at some things. Some of this is due to my learning disability, some isn’t. On the other hand, I am better than some […]

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Question: Why is dyslexia more common that dyscalculia? My answer: We aren’t even sure if it is more common. In fact, some people think it is just as common (see ref 1) However, it is less diagnosed for several reasons: It is less known and less understood. The definition isn’t as clear, at least in […]