On telling kids about being LD

Question: What’s a good gentle way of telling a sensitive seven year old boy that he’s going to be tested for learning disabilities?

My answer: He is probably well-aware that something is not typical about him. I’d say the thing to do is to use that knowledge to inform him of why he’s going to be tested. You might want to make analogies to getting a vision test (surely he knows many who have glasses or contacts) or some other physical test (especially if he knows people who have those).

You can also use whateever difficulties prompted the tests.

You didn’t say what LD he is being tested for but suppose it’s dyslexia.

You: “You know how you find it hard to make out letters?”  (or spell, or read, or whatever)

Him: “Yeah”

You “Well, some people have figured out different reasons that kids can have problems like that. We want to figure out what the problem is so that we can work on fixing it”

(Of course, you may have to modify this)

If he has been called lazy, crazy or stupid (by teachers or peers) you can use that.

You: “You know how XXX called you lazy?”

Him “Yeah”

You: “Well, I don’t think you’re lazy. I think you just have trouble with certain things. Let’s figure out why, ok”?

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