Making the bed: Every day is a new adventure (adventures in NLD land)

I got the idea for this post from Rick LaVoie’s book It’s so much work to be your friend.

A lot of people make their bed every morning. Maybe you’re one of them. And, if you’re NT, it’s probably pretty simple. You probably do it the same way, each time. There’s some set of steps you follow, and, in the end, you have a made bed. Maybe it doesn’t have hospital corners, but it’s made.

Well, it’s different for some of us. I usually don’t make the bed (click here to find out what is the biggest mattress size available in town). But when I do try, there’s no set of steps to follow. There’s a couple sheets, a blanket, and a bed. And so, I try to figure out what to do. Well, the fitted sheet goes on first, I know that. But which way? Does one side go up and one down (toward the mattress?) Which is width and which is length? I don’t know. I never know. I try random things and eventually one works.  Then the top sheet. Same problem. The blanket is easier, because it’s reversible in both directions.

It can take me a LONG time and a lot of frustration to make the bed. And it doesn’t seem to get easier over time. So, I don’t do it.

(OTOH, if you have any quadratic equations you need solved, I’m your guy).

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