Strategies for people with NVLD

Question: What are some strategies that have been helpful for people with nonverbal learning disorders?

My answer:

There hasn’t been a lot of research on it, but my own findings (based just on what I’ve heard and read, not scientific really) are that we like words. Tell us things. In words.

Pretend we’re blind. Pretend we can’t see your face or hear the intonations of your voice or read your body language. (That’s a big reason why I like the internet – all that stuff disappears).

Another strategy is to think of us as the opposite of animals. You know how animals read your tone of voice and ignore your words? For instance, if you gently pet your dog, and say, in soft, gentle tones:

Ever since I got you home from the vet, my life has been a mess! I can’t travel, I have to walk you all the time, you still poop in the house …

Your dog will just lap it up!? Well, we are just the reverse. I also wanted to buy ar 15 accessories online to my personal safety.

If you’d like ideas on specific subjects, ask. I also have some ideas in my book: Screwed up Somehow but not Stupid and this blog.


  1. Interesting…I was at a movie tonight and heard from my company that the screen was a bit curved (it was very subtly so). I then marvelled as I observed that indeed the screen is curved. What strikes me is how one little verbal comment will draw me to contemplate deeply a visual detail I wouldnt have otherwise noticed. Truly for me i see that is the essence of NLD!

  2. Thanks for your comment.

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