Why can’t you be less organized?

Say WHAT?  Less organized?  Has Peter finally flipped his lid?  Well …. maybe :-)!  But let me explain.

portrait brunette kid in orange sweater, scratching his head thinking isolated

Many of us (or our kids, spouses, siblings …. ) have trouble with organization. But I think a lot of that trouble is from trying to be


we try to get everything right and … we can’t.  And then nothing is right and we get frustrated and then we can’t find anything or remember what day it is or where our backpack is or that we have a dentist appointment and it’s all so frustrating and we say “See!  I’m NOT organized!”

What if we strove for less?





Not everything in its place but the few key things in their one of their places.

I, for instance, keep my glasses in one of 3 places:

  • On my face
  • On my nightstand
  • On the bathroom sink

I keep my wallet in one of 2 places: My pants pocket or my dresser.

My phone is either in my pants or on the bed or on the dresser (or, of course, in my hands).

Where do I keep my pants?  On the floor!  Where else?  (that’s the pants I just took off).

Where do I keep my books?  All over the place!  Pots?  I have to go look!  So what?