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Getting organized when you are learning disabled

An alternate title for this piece might be “Getting minimally organized to avoid total chaos”. I am disorganized. I am disorganized in two ways: I am disorganized in space, and I am disorganized in time.

How I got here

In a comment on my post “Things not to say….” , Michelle asked So really how did you get from not having any friends or dates to having a wife and 2 kids ? Well, the short answer is …. “my peers grew up and so did I (a little)”. But a longer answer is […]

Abled and disabled

I’m disabled. More specifically, I’m learning disabled. Even more specifically, I have nonverbal learning disabilities. Not differences, disabilities. There are things that virtually all NT people (NT = neurotypical, the acronym for people who think they don’t need one) .   A  ‘difference’ is something you might choose – more rational or more emotional? More mathematical […]

Drowning in the mainstream

It’s so enticing.  The mainstream.  Maybe our children aren’t so different, so unusual.  Maybe they are ‘normal’.  Maybe they belong in the mainstream.  But maybe not.  Maybe our goal ought not be a mainstream education but a mainstream life?  After all, we will spend about 12 years in elementary and high school, and, if we […]

Interview with DisAbility News & Views Radio

Here is a 90 minute interview I did with Monica Moshenko in 2006 click on the link below to listen.