With 2E kids, should we treat the gift or the deficit or both?

Children who are twice exceptional (2E) by definition have areas of great strength (gifts) and areas of great weakness (deficits).  The traditional model, inasmuch as there was one at all, was to treat only the deficits, figuring that the gifts would take care of themselves. This ignored the fact that the gifts often made the […]

Don’t tell me to try harder!

When I was a kid, my report cards often had comments like “Peter would do better if he applied himself”.  This always made me want to apply my fist to the teacher’s face!  (I never actually hit a teacher, I made their lives miserable other ways).  It’s the same message as “try harder”. No. You […]

Friendship and the 2E child

  CAVEAT: I am not a trained therapist. This is not professional advice. I do have a degree in special ed, but it’s been 30 years since I took those courses. This is just my opinion based on my life and observation. It may seem odd for me to be writing about friendship because – […]

Praise your kids for what they’re bad at

What is Peter on about now? Praise your kids for what they’re bad at? OK, not their bad behavior “Good job yelling at Mommy!”  no – that’s not what I mean at all. But our LD kids get so little praise. And they try so hard. And, for our 2E kids, it’s even worse.

Abled and disabled

I’m disabled. More specifically, I’m learning disabled. Even more specifically, I have nonverbal learning disabilities. Not differences, disabilities. There are things that virtually all NT people (NT = neurotypical, the acronym for people who think they don’t need one) .   A  ‘difference’ is something you might choose – more rational or more emotional? More mathematical […]