5 ways normal is boring

Although I have given a mathematical proof that no one is normal, it is nevertheless the case that people use the word. And, as I note in that article, it is possible to be normal on one or two dimensions. So, compared to NVLD people like me, i guess some people are normal, in some ways. But it’s BORING!

1. When you’re going somewhere, you usually don’t get lost. Come on! Getting lost can be an adventure! You never know what you’ll find!  And getting lost on purpose is almost contradictory.

2. When people talk to you, you understand what they mean, even when it isn’t what they say. Yeah. All those cues we miss, you pick up on. So, when your best friend says “Wow! You’ve lost weight!” you somehow know that she really means “That diet failed for sure!”  Since people rarely actually say “you might want to skip dessert for a while”, we get to believe we’re thin. And good looking. And that we never age.

3. You’re usually on time, if you want to be. Me? I’m always early. So, I carry a book. That way, I get more reading done. And reading is interesting! Usually, it’s more interesting than whatever else I would have done with the time.

4. When you get fired or laid off, you usually know why. What fun is that? We can guess! Is it really a lay-off or is it really a firing? Did I do something wrong and if so, what? And so on. And guessing is fun! Hey! Look at all those game shows that involve guessing (oh, but we don’t have ANY chance of becoming millionaires from our guesses).

5. Number 5 is up to you! Fill in the comments!

(oh, and since we people with NVLD are supposed to not have a sense of humor, everything above is meant absolutely 100% totally completely seriously).

No it’s not.





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