Adventures in NLD Land: Hotel Corridors

I was away over the weekend and stayed in a large hotel.  Like most such places, the rooms were all along long corridors.  I think I went to my room (and out again) 6 times or so over the weekend.  And …. I never knew which way to go!  Each time I went to my room, I had to look for directions when I left the elevator.  And each time I left I had to remember that the numbers went down as I went to my room, so they would have to go up as I went to the elevator.

I wonder if NT’s are like this?  I don’t think they are.   But I bet a lot of us with NLD are.

How about you?


  1. Mary Lynne Foster says

    I am somewhat ADD. I have a terrible time in hotel corridors. They ask look exactly the same. I often think I need to leave a breadcrumb trail of the a string to my door do I can follow it back. The last time I was in a hotel it was kind of split level. I had to ask at the desk AND one of the housekeepers before I found it. Do they do this on purpose? The signage is terrible too.

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