Adventures in NLD land: Parking lots

Parking lots are horrible places.
Not, probably, for you neurotypical people. From what I can tell, you park your cars, note where they are, and, later, find them.

For me, though, and for others with NLD, it’s different. Personally, I don’t drive so I don’t park my car. But I ride in cars and sometimes separate from the other passengers at the destination. I try to remember some thing about where the car is. Some parking lots have numbered spots and that will help. But, often, I will come out and just wander, aimlessly. Of course, I’ve likely forgotten the make and color of the car, which doesn’t help either.

Often, what I wind up doing, now that there are cell phones, is calling another passenger and telling that person where I am. Then they come get me and take me to the car.


  1. It’s a new day…thanks to cell phones. I drive, and sometimes I forget but usually have a vague idea.

  2. Hi, I would agree, parking lots can be challenging places to navigate! Especially when it’s freezing cold (I’m from Canada and we get some really cold weather) and I have no idea where I’ve parked the car. Sometimes if I remember to tell myself where the car is parked this helps!

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