Calming down after a hard NLD day

When your child comes home from school he may be exhausted. Even if it was just an ordinary day. Even if other kids come home raring to go. Even if she doesn’t appear exhausted. He may be right at the edge of a meltdown.


Because all day long he has been stressed. Stressed by things that don’t stress you out. Like looking at people. Making sure his fly is zipped. Waiting for a classmate to say something mean about her behind her back. You know, life.

So, when your kid comes home, it might be a good idea to have a zone out time. TV, computer games, a nap, a book …. it depends on your kid and what age he is and so on. But let him zone out. So he can zone back in, later.


  1. I have an Asperger’s son, now age 31. He has outworked and out imagined me and all the experts I’ve hired to work with him. He has a job with the City of San Diego, has a driver’s license (limiting himself to back roads and not freeways, since they move too quickly for him) and lives independently, 3 miles from me, although I control his money.

    When he came home from school (and work sometimes) he will do one of two things. First, he’ll lay down in his room where it’s quiet and peaceful. Second, he will go for a walk. The walk is in the last several months as he starts to feel more confident in his social skills that are better, as he gets older, but still less than normal.

  2. Good for him! And for you!

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