Accommodations: Who are they acccommodating?

In this post I discussed accommodations at school; in this one – accommodations at work; in a future post I will discuss accommodations at home. But today, I want to discuss a more general question: Who are they accommodating?

Accommodations at work

Kids grow up and that includes kids with NLD. They (nearly all of them, anyway) need to go to work. Many people with NVLD will need accommodations at work. Others won’t exactly need them, but may do better with them than without. Unfortunately, the accommodations at work are not mandated and not standard. You have […]

The big switch – school to work for LD people

In terms of where and with whom you spend most of your waking hours, there are three big switches in most people’s lives: In your first years, you spend time at home, with your parents or caregivers.  Then you spend a long time in school, with teachers and classmates.  Then you have work, with colleagues […]

Ten things we wish our bosses knew

Right now, I work for myself.  I’m a statistical consultant, and I’m trying to do some things with learning disabilities.  But I’ve had bosses, and so have other people with NLD.  This is a sort of pastiche.