Do we have a toaster oven? (adventures in NLD-land)

Before reading on, answer me this: Do you have a toaster oven?  If so, where is it? And, did you have to go search for it?

One day, I was reading a cookbook and I decided to make a toasted sandwich. The book said to cook it in a toaster oven. Hmmm. Do we have a toaster oven? I dunno. But I know who to ask! My wife.  “Hey Les, do we have a toaster oven?”  “It’s on the counter, next to the coffee maker you use every morning”.

I look and THERE IT IS!

(The sandwich was fine).

How could I not know that the toaster oven is there? I saw it every day! Most days, I saw it several times. But I don’t remember things that way. Because I’m learning disabled.


  1. As with most things we the learning disabled see things all the time but need to touch, record and use to help us understand and remember.

  2. Different LD people need different methods of remembering.

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