Hey LD adults! Are you going back to school?

It’s June. School just let out. But it’s not too soon to start thinking about September.

Are you going back to school yourself? Congratulations! Start planning! If it’s college or graduate school, you can plan courses; if you know what courses you’re taking, you may be able to get the books. You might be able to find the professor and make contact. Here’s a clue: Most professors like their subject. They like introducing people to it. If you pitch your pitch that way, you may find them very willing to help. Compare and contrast

Dear Prof Smith
I’m taking your class Intro to Anthropology in the fall. I’m learning disabled, so I need the following accommodations: YOUR LIST HERE. Also, I’ve been out of school a while, and I’m going to need some time to get back into it.
Joe Jones


Dear Prof Jones
I’m very excited to be taking Intro to Anthropology with you in the fall. What could be more interesting than studying human origins? I’m also excited to be coming back to school after a long gap. I love to learn. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always come easily to me, as I am learning disabled. But I really want to learn! Over my life, I’ve found some things that help me, such as .YOUR LIST HERE and I hope to be able to work with you so that I can learn all about anthropology. If you could supply a reading list for the summer, I would appreciate it.”


Bill Smith.

Now, which do YOU think will get a better response? ****HINT****** It’s number 2!

Here’s another tidbit: Many “traditional” (that is, 18 or 19 or 20 year old) students are bored in class, and act it. Most professors teach these disinterested bodies year after year. They love it when someone is enthusiastic.

What else could you plan? Could you make schedules over the summer? Yes you could. Buy your supplies? Yes you could. Find students from previous years in the same class or with the same professor – maybe. Figure out all those details that drive a lot of us ballpark people nuts? Well, maybe not ALL of them. But … how do you GET to school? Where are your classes? Where should you sit on the first day (because the seat you take on day 1 is likely to be the seat you stay in). Do you want to sit close, or far back? Do you see better out of one eye and want to stay on one side? Figure it out! Less stress means less distress.

Do you want a coffee in class? Where will you buy it?

Figure out as much as you can NOW, and you can spend the fall learning about your subject.

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