“Lazy” is a four letter word. Don’t use it in front of children

I’ve been called lazy a whole lot in my life, almost always by teachers who had no clue.  Sometimes they used the euphemism “does not apply himself”. The best teacher who ever taught me, on the other hand, said I tried harder than almost anyone.

But “lazy” is a four letter word. It should never be used in front of children. Nor about children. Because there is no way for a teacher (or anyone but the kid, really) to know how hard the kid is trying, or even what they are trying at. A child with a disability is constantly trying to overcome or get around or just deal with the disability.  And no one else can know what that is like for the individual.


  1. Memories from our youth good or bad stay with us our entrie life that is why it’s up to the parents to understand how their child learns and provide as many tools as possible for success ..is there are many ways to find the sum of 10. 9+1 = 10 6+4 = 10 7+3= 10, 5+5 = 10, 7+2+1= 10 and so on…no one is lazy we all learn differently and that is what makes us human …sharing is how we grow

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