I am not a neat person.  I don’t notice absence of neatness and I don’t know what to do about when I notice it. I think the former is mostly because I am so non-visual while the latter is due to my poor coordination and motor planning.

I am not sure how common messiness is among NVLD people, but I’m eager to hear your experiences in the comments. It seems often that learners with learning disabilities have a different perception of basic, daily activities. What is your experience?


  1. It’s very common.
    This is a big part of NLD to many people.
    I know people who have been evicted, others ordered by their landlord to clean up and more.
    I care too much to get to that point but it’s added considerably to my anxiety.
    I know many young people with NLD who knew about it since they were young and were “taught” cleaning methods, are on limited budgets so the can’t overbuy and won’t if they could.
    I’m visual in the sense that I’m good with color, good–maybe exceptional with decorating, and things like that.
    My mother’s best friend was an iconic interior designer who wanted me to go into business with her. Unfortunately, I had to pass. Though I didn’t know about NLD I knew that I couldn’t draw the sketches or do the computer renderings. It would be much easier now.
    I don’t notice other people’s messes. I notice mine.
    Most women I know and many men are what used to be called “house proud.”
    When I lived on 63rd off Fifth my apartment wasn’t renovated. Totally wrong apartment for somebody like me. There wasn’t a laundry room. Nearest laundry was on 2nd Avenue. That made life even more difficult.
    But I learned. When I bought an apartment on Riverside Drive, it was always immaculate as I had the closet designed to my specifications as was the living room wall unit that served as office/book shelves/TV stand and more. It was incredibly easy–though I had a lot of company I ordered in or went out—that helped.
    Now I have a house and it’s somewhere in between the two. Or it never lives up to my specifications.

  2. Thanks Pia!

  3. It has always been a big problem for me. I can be clean but messy… Papers are a big downfall for me, I try to get as much on the computer as possible to eliminate paper clutter.

  4. I think this has got to be extremely common! I however, am quite capable of noticing a mess / clutter / disorder. However dealing with it requires so much planning and effort that I need to block out a huge amount of time. I hate this, clutter bothers me because it makes life more complex and its embarrassing but it is often not practical for me to be neat and tidy.

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