On learning from examples for NVLD kids

We often expect kids to learn from examples.  In a text book, this might include

  1. Looking at the example
  2. Reading the instructions and
  3. Doing the same in an exercise

That might seem straightforward to NT adults, but it can be confusing to NVLD people, particularly younger ones but even adults

This seems like a three step process:


  1. Look at the example
  2. Read the instructions and
  3. Do the same in an exercise


But each of these steps is, itself, a multiple step process. 



When you look at example – what’s he supposed to see? Which part of the example? What about it? The number of words? The spellling? 2) Read the instructions – all of them? Which part matters? What should he attend to? 3) Do ….. do what part of what was modeled?

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