Online resources for nonverbal learning disability

There are some good resources for people with NVLD. Not as many as for other LD, but there are some. In this post, I list online resources. If you know of ones I’ve missed, please let me know in a comment. I don’t include more general LD sites, although some of them do have some information on NLD. I also don’t include any commercial websites (they are easy enough to find through Google).

Yahoo Groups:

NLD in Common: This group is for anyone connected with or interested in NLD: Not only people with NLD, but their parents, teachers and so on.

NLD Adults:  As the name suggests, this is only for adults with NLD.

Gifted NLD AS : This group is for those of us who are “2e” or twice exceptional. Most of the members are parents of 2e kids, but it is not exclusively them.

Informational websites

NLD on the web has pages of information on books, other resources, a glossary, schools, social skills and so on.

Another, similar website is NLD Line, however, it does not appear to have been updated recently

This one is regional, but has information that is generally applicable: NLD Ontario

Definitions and other similar material


LDA America (this one is especially for parent to give to teachers and schools)

I hope that these are useful!  And, again, if you have other good sites, let me know in the comments.



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