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Hey LD adults! Are you going back to school?

It’s June. School just let out. But it’s not too soon to start thinking about September. Are you going back to school yourself? Congratulations! Start planning! If it’s college or graduate school, you can plan courses; if you know what courses you’re taking, you may be able to get the books. You might be able […]

Gateway to myself: A poem

This is another poem from my adolescence. I dwelt alone, in misery, A shroud of hate lay over all. Too alone, and far too fearful, To let a friend within my wall. A castle tall and strong I built And locked myself within its walls. With my ego bruised and hurting From a slew too […]

We aren’t acronyms, we’re people

When you journey around the ballpark of learning disabilities, you run into lots of acronyms. LD, NLD, ASD, PDD, NOS, SPD. At this point, I say WTF? and try to remember something. We aren’t acronyms. We’re people. All those NT (that’s NeuroTypical! The acronym for people who think they don’t need one) people sometimes miss […]

Have you ever?: A poem

One evening, when I was 14 or so, I climbed out on my windowsill and looked around, 8 floors up, over concrete.  I wrote this when I climbed back in. I am feeling much better now. Have you ever? copyright by Peter Flom Have you ever been out on a ledge, looking down? Have you […]