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School age children with learning disabilities often have difficulties. Sometimes, people (teachers, parents, administrators, psychologists, the kids themselves) try to divide the problems into academic, social and behavioral.  Maybe this is sometimes useful, but often, it’s a false division. All three play into each other in a sort of vicious circle; and the start of […]

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In an earlier post, I suggested that kids should not freak out. Now, I give the same advice to teachers (and I will give the same advice to parents, too). So, you’re teaching. Good for you. Teachers are wonderful; the vast majority work very hard and care a lot about the kids they work with.  […]

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You’re teaching. One of your students, you think, has nonverbal learning disabilities. He’s getting upset. With other kids, you have lots of tools in your arsenal; things you know by instinct or from training or from other teachers. But, with this kid, some of those tools don’t seem to work.. What might work?

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Suppose you are  a teacher and you have a kid in your class who has nonverbal learning disability (NVLD). Like nearly all teachers, you want what is best for your students. You want to help. But sometimes communication with that NVLD kid just doesn’t seem to work. What might you try?

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In my history, accommodations were never an issue. I wasn’t offered any. But these days things are different. Many children get accommodations. But some refuse to take what is offered. They don’t want to appear different. Or they view it as cheating. I’ve got some thoughts on getting kids to accept accommodations.

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I got to hear Peter Riffle speak at the New Jersey LDA meeting. I also bought his book The Cloud Chaser. If you are a teacher in special education, especially if you are relatively new in the field or need some inspiration, this could be a good book for you to read.

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In this post I gave my general impressions of the recent meeting of the New Jersey LDA. Now, I’d like to write a little about Peter Riffle, especially his keynote address. Peter Riffle is a teacher of learning disabled kids. He also is learning disabled himself (he has dyslexia). And he’s a great speaker.

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On Sunday, October 6 I went to the New Jersey LDA (learning disabilities association) meeting.  In this post, I’ll talk about the event in general. In later posts, I’ll talk about the specific sessions I went to. Overall? It was great!

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There are some good resources for people with NVLD. Not as many as for other LD, but there are some. In this post, I list online resources. If you know of ones I’ve missed, please let me know in a comment. I don’t include more general LD sites, although some of them do have some […]

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In this article I introduce the analogy of learning disabilities (or any disability) as a mountain between where you are and where you want to go. In the current article, I discuss academic problems for people with NLD. The mountain of academic problems with nonverbal learning disabilities Many people with nonverbal learning disabilities have few […]