Siblings and the LD person

My friend Varda asked me to write something about siblings for her blog Squashed Bologna. A lot of other people also wrote about siblings, and you can find their posts here. Here’s an edited version of what I wrote Me and my siblings I’m learning disabled. It even says so on my blog, which I […]

Hey LD adults! Are you going back to school?

It’s June. School just let out. But it’s not too soon to start thinking about September. Are you going back to school yourself? Congratulations! Start planning! If it’s college or graduate school, you can plan courses; if you know what courses you’re taking, you may be able to get the books. You might be able […]

The big switch – school to work for LD people

In terms of where and with whom you spend most of your waking hours, there are three big switches in most people’s lives: In your first years, you spend time at home, with your parents or caregivers.  Then you spend a long time in school, with teachers and classmates.  Then you have work, with colleagues […]

Being afraid is the appropriate reaction to being disabled, but it shouldn’t be

I am learning disabled.  Hey, it says so right on the title to my blog. All too often, in today’s world, being afraid is the appropriate reaction to being learning disabled.  It shouldn’t be.  But it is. Why should we not be afraid?  The world teaches us, from the start, to be afraid.  Afraid of […]

Celebrating our differences means honoring our disabilities

I’m sorry.  You’re disabled, or your child is.  Or grandchild.  Or student.  I’m disabled too.  It sucks. On the other hand, being me isn’t so bad.  And being different from other people, per se, is not so bad either.  The world wouldn’t be very interesting if we were all the same, so it’s a good […]

Accommodations for LD

If you read about learning disabilities, you will quickly come across the topic of accommodations. There are accommodations at school and at work, at home and at play. Although I haven’t done a study, I am willing to wager that the most common accommodation at school is extra time. This is due to the fact […]

Pushing our limits and accepting them

All human beings have limits. Learning disabled people may have more severe limits than others. And I am pretty sure that we get told, more often than others, to push our limits. In addition, parents of LD kids get told to push their kids’ limits. Sometimes this is good advice. Sometimes it isn’t.

What if people came with emoticons?

The internet is great for people like me who have nonverbal learning disabilities. No faces to read, no tones of voice to interpret …. it’s all text. Well ALMOST all. Sometimes people use emoticons, also known as smileys. You know, like 🙂 or 🙁 for smiling and frowning. Wikpedia has a list of emoticons and […]

Box? What box? I don’t see any box!

Some people think inside the box. They think within rules and parameters set forth by whatever authority exists. Some people think outside the box. They ignore these rules and parameters, and do their own thing. And then some of us don’t see a box. I was in law school for one semester. It didn’t go […]

Getting organized when you are learning disabled

An alternate title for this piece might be “Getting minimally organized to avoid total chaos”. I am disorganized. I am disorganized in two ways: I am disorganized in space, and I am disorganized in time.