5 reviews, 25 stars!

As a new author, I had doubts about how good or bad my book was.  I imagine most authors do.  I also imagine every author likes getting positive reviews and dislikes negative ones, so I am humbled but happy that so far, my book Screwed up Somehow but not Stupid: Life with a Learning Disability […]

Book review: Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-verbal Learning Disabilities by Yvona Fast

Whether you or your child has AS or NLD, you are probably concerned about employment and career. Parents, even of young children with LD, express concern about what the child will “do” as an adult.

Book review: It’s so much work to be your friend by Rick LaVoie

This is a great book.  I’ve read many books about LD.  I even wrote one book about LD!  Many of the books are good. Many offer advice to parents or teachers or kids.  But rarely, if ever, have I found an author that gets it. Rick LaVoie does. He gets what it’s like to be […]