The Mountain of Socialization and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Part 2: Ways to cope

In this article I introduced the idea of nonverbal learning disabilities, or any disability, as a mountain between where you are and where you want to go. In this article I discussed socialization skills. In the present article, I will discuss how the mountain analogy can be used to help with these skills. I didn’t […]

The Mountain of Socialization and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Part 1

Introduction to the NLD Mountain In this article, I introduced the analogy of nonverbal learning disability (or any disability) as a mountain between where you are, and where you want to go. In the next series of articles, I will address five specific problems that many NLDers have, and how they create mountains: Socialization Sensory […]

Some thoughts on disorder and stigma

Disability? Disorder? Difference? Yes, disorder (or disability) implies something is wrong. And, at least for me, something IS wrong. To deny it (as people did a LOT during my childhood, and still do somewhat today) is kind of insulting in a weird way, because it says that the things I have a lot of difficulty […]

Anxiety? Yeah!

So, a lot of people with LD or autism or Asperger’s or whatnot are anxious. Some are so anxious it’s a disorder. Maybe we’re born with it. Maybe it’s given to us. Because, for many people with LD or autism or Asperger’s or whatnot, the world keeps tossing us the unexpected. Praise for what’s easy. […]

Defiance and opposition

There is a disorder called oppositional and defiant disorder. The American Academy of Child and Oppositional Psychiatry says this about it In children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), there is an ongoing pattern of uncooperative, defiant, and hostile behavior toward authority figures that seriously interferes with the youngster’s day to day functioning. Symptoms of ODD […]

Processing speed – fast and slow

On the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale v. 4 (WAIS-IV) there’s an index called “processing speed”. It’s composed of two subtests: Coding and symbol search. I never took the WAIS-IV, but I’ve taken earlier versions. These are two of my worst subtests (the others where I am really bad are block design, matrix reasoning and visual […]

Labels, boxes and groceries

We in the world of learning disabilities get stuck with labels. Or, rather, the labels get stuck on us. Often, these labels are shortened into acronyms, usually ending in D. D for difference. Or disability. Or disorder. Or something. ASD, ADD (or ADHD), NLD, LD, PDD (sometimes with an NOS!), SPD…. sometimes it seems like […]

A safe place for children with LD

It is vitally important that all people have a safe place. This is especially so for learning disabled (LD) people, who may experience the world as much less safe than most neurotypical (NT) people do. A safe place is one where the person is safe not just from physical harm, but from emotional harm as […]

I am not Temple Grandin (and I am not autistic)

Temple Grandin is famous; perhaps the most famous autistic person in the world. She’s written books, she’s got a great career, she has a PhD …. it’s amazing. But she’s autistic. I’m not. In this post, I detail some difference between me (and some others with NLD) and Temple Grandin (and some other people with […]

Doodling, arguing and paying attention

When I look at someone’s face, I often get overwhelmed by the information flow. I have found at least two: Doodling and arguing. These work especially well for me when in a meeting or at a lecture. What do I mean by doodling and arguing?

Siblings and the LD person

My friend Varda asked me to write something about siblings for her blog Squashed Bologna. A lot of other people also wrote about siblings, and you can find their posts here. Here’s an edited version of what I wrote Me and my siblings I’m learning disabled. It even says so on my blog, which I […]

World’s dumbest sayings

1. “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. And hurtful. Names hurt. Names can kill. Telling people they shouldn’t be hurt by names is telling them, once again, that they are weak, bad, stupid, lazy or crazy. Of course names hurt. Instead of this sophomoric […]

Hey LD adults! Are you going back to school?

It’s June. School just let out. But it’s not too soon to start thinking about September. Are you going back to school yourself? Congratulations! Start planning! If it’s college or graduate school, you can plan courses; if you know what courses you’re taking, you may be able to get the books. You might be able […]

The big switch – school to work for LD people

In terms of where and with whom you spend most of your waking hours, there are three big switches in most people’s lives: In your first years, you spend time at home, with your parents or caregivers.  Then you spend a long time in school, with teachers and classmates.  Then you have work, with colleagues […]